Riding Waiver

This form must be filled out and brought with you and handed into the office BEFORE you ride. You only need to fill out this form once, and it is held on file. Click here to view the Waiver

Clinic Bookings

When booking into a clinic you acknowledge and accept:

  • All Parkview Equestrian Centres Rule and Regulations
  • That in the event you need to cancel for whatever reason a refund is only offered if your position in the clinic can be filled.
  • Every effort will be made by the organizers to find a replacement but the onus is also on you to be proactive in filling your place at the clinic.

Private Lesson Bookings

When booking a Private Lesson with Helen Debroughe you acknowledge and accept:

  • All Parkview Equestrian Centres Rule and Regulations
  • That in the event that you need to cancel within 24 hours a $30.00 cancellation fee will apply.

General Facility Rules & Regulations

  1. CLOTHING: All persons whilst riding on ParkView Equestrian Centre (PVEC) property, are encouraged to wear current approved AUSTRALIAN SAFETY STANDARDS SAFETY HELMETS and properly heeled riding boots. Children under age of 16 years must wear Helmets, and riding gloves whilst lunging.
  2. RUBBISH: All rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bins provided. If bins are full please take your rubbish home with you. Do not overfill bins as rubbish just gets blown around the property.
  3. MANURE: The owner or person who is in charge of the horse must pick up all manure, wet shavings and hair. Manure/shavings only is to be deposited in the manure receptacles provided.
  4. DOGS: No dogs allowed at any time.
  5. CHILDREN: Children must be kept under strict supervision at all times, and seated outside riding arenas only. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  No child under the age of 16 is to be left unattended at ParkView Equestrian Centre at any time.
  6. SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited in all areas, except in the public car park area. Cigarette Butts must not be dropped anywhere and must be disposed of safely and with consideration to other users of the facility.
  7. DAMAGE: All damage to any equipment or facilities must be reported to Staff immediately
  8. FIRE: Please call 000 immediately and advise Staff. The PVEC Fire plan is available on the notice board outside the office.
  9. INJURED RIDERS: If a rider is in danger or is injured, notify Staff immediately. In the case of a suspected serious injury, call 000 AMBULANCE, administer first aid if trained and remain with person until ambulance arrives. All injuries no matter how small must be reported to the Office.
  10. WASH BAY: Horses must not be tied at the wash bay other than for the purpose of using the hose. These facilities are solely for the washing of horses ridden at PVEC.
  11. A FIRST AID box is located and clearly marked both in the Kitchen area within the Indoor Arena Complex and the Office. Please inform Management if you have used any items from this box so they may be immediately replaced.
  12. ALCOHOL is not permitted on the property unless by prior arrangement with Management.


  1. All riders must sign a disclaimer, waiver form before they first ride at PVEC.
  2. NO lunging is allowed in the Indoor Arena.
  3. Maximum of 3 (three) riders on arena at any one time except in lesson or clinic.
  4. Horses working in walk or halting must move to the inside track.
  5. Horses working in trot or canter must pass left hand to left hand.
  6. Riders must alert other riders for TRACK FREE, when performing lateral movements. Other riders must respect the riders’ request for FREE TRACK.

Round Yard

  1. “ Liberty” work is permitted in the round yard only.
  2. Only one horse is allowed in the round yard at any given time.
  3. Please remove manure on leaving the yard.


  1. Stables must be booked and paid for in advance price includes bedding and cleaning.

Indoor Tie-Ups

  1. Indoor Tie-Ups are to be used only during inclement weather or when all out door yards are in use.
  2. All manure and hay to be cleaned and placed in receptacles provided

Outdoor Yards

  1. Outdoor yards are free for PVEC users.
  2. All manure and hay to be cleaned and placed in receptacles provided.